VirtualBox provides a great way to run IE browsers for testing during development.


Install it in the usual way(!) - probably something like:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

(More detailed instructions at

Then grab the IE6 image from ModernIE:

Choose "Linux" as the testing OS, then "VirtualBox for Linux" as the virtualization platform.

The various flavours of IE and Windows OS should be shown - choose the appropriate one.

The image will download as an ".sfx" file. Give the file execute permissions (chmod +x filename.sfx), and run it (./filename.sfx)

It should create a, ".ova" image file.

Now start VirtualBox with the ".ova" file as the parameter (you'll probably have to do this as a sudo command):

sudo virtualbox "IE6 - WinXP.ova"

VirtualBox will offer to import the settings from the file - so, do that.

Select the VM, and click "Start" to run it. You should get a running Windows image with your selected IE version.

From the IE browser, you should be able to access sites running on your local machine as e.g. ""